RocketMenu for macOS.

This quick and dirty application shows a 🚀 menu in the menubar showing dates for Cameron County SpaceX road closures, and FAA NOTAMs for SpaceX Brownsville.

I wrote this app while waiting for SN9 to launch and it's proven useful for me. I've come to really enjoy the community which has sprung up around Starship development and wanted to contribute something. I thought this app could be useful to others.



v1.2 - Now shows "None" when no dates are scheduled.

v1.1 - Added Update menu. Defaults to 20 minutes.

Download v1.4.

Feedback, requests and bug reports welcome: email:

The app is free. Share and enjoy and be kind to each other,



Last updated: Thu 18 Feb 2021 01:36:12 UTC