The most powerful way to keep your disks clean of macOS metadata.

Last release for 10.10 to 10.14 Mojave Version 7.2.2
Versions of BlueHarvest for macOS before 10.10 Yosemite are no-longer supported and serial numbers cannot be supplied.

Version 8.0.11 (23-Nov-2021)

  • Fixed a bug where Finder tags were sometimes deleted unexpectedly.

Version 8.0.10 (18-May-2021)

  • Fixes a bug where the preferences window would be shown on startup. (Non App Store version only)
  • Fixes a bug where the app wouldn't open at startup even if Open At Login was selected. (Non App Store version only)

Version 8.0.9 (29-April-2021)

  • Fixed a bug when configuring options for custom folders on the same disk.

Version 8.0.8 (29-December-2020)

  • Universal build for Apple Silicon.

Version 8.0.7 (19-November-2020)

  • macOS 11 Big Sur minor UI improvements.

Version 8.0.5 (9-November-2020)

  • Fixed a bug where custom settings for multiple folders on the same disk sometimes couldn't be added.

Version 8.0.4 (23-October-2020)

  • Fixed a bug where changing the ._ AppleDouble preference wasn't being saved.

Version 8.0.3 (20-October-2020)

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Changes to preferences storage to improve performance.

Version 8.0.2 (22-September-2020)

  • Minor UI bug fixes. Non App Store only.

Version 8.0.0 (15-September-2020)

  • New! "Storage Cleanup" for cleaning of app caches and logs.
  • Blacklist items can now be deleted after a number of days.
  • Added "System Volume Information (Windows)" deletion.
  • Much reduced app size. Now requires macOS 10.15 or later. Older versions still available.

Version 7.2.2 (22-June-2020)

  • Fixed a bug where the BlueHarvest menu would sometimes not open if System Preferences/Login Items included an item on an inaccessible server. (non App Store only).

Version 7.2.1 (20-Jan-2020)

  • Updated download URL for updates (non App Store only).
  • This update needs to be manually downloaded and installed. Please Quit your old version before installing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Version 7.2.0 (9-Oct-2019)

  • New Option: Keep custom icons and resources.
  • Updated for macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Version 7.1.2 (30-Oct-2018)

  • Fixed a bug affecting deletion of custom blacklist items.

Version 7.1.1 (15-Oct-2018)

  • Added back the ability to remove Spotlight folders under 10.14:
  • Grant BlueHarvest "Full Disk Access" under System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy -> Full Disk Access to allow Spotlight folders to be deleted.
  • Better dark mode support.

Version 7.1.0 (24-Sep-2018)

  • Built for 10.14 Mojave.
  • Added support for the enhanced security features of 10.14.
  • Added warning that .Spotlight cannot be removed under 10.14 due to SIP.
  • Hides .Spotlight folder from UI under 10.14.
  • Support for 10.14 Dark Mode.

Version 7.0.7 (26-July-2018)

  • Feature: Added "Close Progress Window" to scheduled cleaning options.

Version 7.0.6 (2-July-2018)

  • Fixed a bug where the "Ask to clean" prompt could be shown repeatedly for the same disk.

Version 7.0.5 (19-June-2018)

  • Fixed a bug where BlueHarvest would ask for access to the boot disk too often (App Store version only).
  • Fixed a bug where preference changes sometimes weren't saved.
  • Fixed a bug where blacklist items wouldn't be added to new disks.

Version 7.0.4 (5-April-2018)

  • Fixed a bug where files including some extended characters in their names couldn't be deleted.

Version 7.0.3 (20-Mar-2018)

  • Fixed a bug which could cause BlueHarvest to unexpectedly quit.

Version 7.0.2 (7-Feb-2018)

  • Fix a bug with NFS servers.
  • Fixed a possible crash on startup.
  • Minor UI fixes.

Version 7.0.0/1 (25-Jan-2018)
BlueHarvest 7 is a free upgrade for v6 users. Simply re-enter your serial number if requested.

  • Requires macOS 10.10 or later.
  • Fixes an issue which stops more than one folder being added.
  • Added support for removing "Icon?" (Custom Icon) and "" files.
  • .AppleDouble folders can now be removed from any disk.
  • Scheduled cleaning can now be configured to clean everyday, weekdays or weekends.
  • Drag files to the "Items to delete" list to add blacklist items.
  • Individual blacklist items now be enabled/disabled in "Clean" -> "Items to delete"
  • New "Examine" feature can preview items which can be found and deleted (BlueHarvest menu -> Examine...).
  • Built-in Log viewer (BlueHarvest menu -> Preferences -> Cog -> Show Log).
  • Multiple folders/disks can now be cleaned simultaneously.
  • Remove metadata (extended attributes) from Mac folders (shift-clean).

Version 6.4.2 (19-Jun-2017)

  • Last release for 10.9

  • APFS disks are now treated the same as HFS disks. This is to properly support macOS High Sierra. Recommended update for all users.

Version 6.4.1 (13-May-2017)

  • Fixed a bug which caused BlueHarvest to repeatedly ask for registration information under 10.12 Sierra (non App Store version only).

Version 6.4.0 (6-Dec-2016)

  • Added folders are now cleaned during schedulded cleaning.
  • Added folders which can nolonger be correctly identified are showed with an 'X' in the icon.

Version 6.3.10 (26-Sep-2016)

  • Fixed a bug which caused BlueHarvest to repeatedly ask for registration information under macOS 10.12 Sierra (non App Store version only).

Version 6.3.9 (28-Jul-2016)

  • Fixed a bug which may cause BlueHarvest to unexpectedly quit when in the background.

Version 6.3.8 (6-Jun-2016)

  • Added support for removing "@eaDir" folders.
  • Changed AppleScript support: Now simply send an 'open' command to have BlueHarvest clean a folder and it's sub folders.

Version 6.3.7 (12-Apr-2016)

  • Added support for removing $RECYCLE.BIN folders (created by Windows).
  • ".AppleDouble" folders are now removed from disks (not just smb shares).
  • Supports Avid ISIS and Avid NEXIS network disks.

Version 6.3.6 (10-Feb-2016)

  • Updated to latest Sparkle framework (non App Store release only).

Version 6.3.5 (25-Jan-2016)

  • Improved support for deleting .Folders on some disks.

Version 6.3.4 (9-Jan-2016)

  • Logging of deletions can be disabled (Advanced -> Diagnostics).
  • Minor UI improvements.

Version 6.3.3 (17-Nov-2015)

  • No-longer skips hidden folders on SMB disks if manually cleaning.
  • In settings, .AppleDouble is hidden for non SMB disks.
  • In settings, fixed a bug where disk icons weren't updated when disk were mounted/unmounted.
  • Other minor UI enhancements.

Version 6.3.2 (13-Oct-2015)

  • Fixed a bug where the preferences window would show on every launch.
  • Fixed a bug where the Non Mac Disks and Network Disks preferences could sometimes be lost.

Version 6.3.1 (9-Oct-2015)

  • Fixed a problem on some Macs running 10.11 with the BlueHarvest Helper tool install.

Version 6.3.0 (6-Oct-2015)

  • Requires 10.9 Mavericks or later.

  • .AppleDouble folders can now be deleted from servers when connected via SMB.
  • Disks can now be dragged to the disks list.
  • Blacklist now works for folders.
  • "Clean" buttons added to each disk in the BlueHarvest menu.
  • Improved support for cleaning zip files not created by the Finder.
  • Support for OSX 10.11 El Capitan.

Version 6.2.2 (20-Aug-2015)

  • Last release for 10.8 Mountain Lion.

  • Blacklist items can now be deleted from HFS disks.

Version 6.2.1 (17-Jun-2015)

  • "Orphaned" ._ files on Mac Extended disks will now be deleted during manual or scheduled cleaning.

Version 6.2.0 (12-May-2015)

  • Now supports device specific blacklists (English only).
  • Dragging a folder or disk onto BlueHarvest now cleans the item.
  • Statistics are now shown for the startup disk.
  • Improved performance when cleaning large disks manually.
  • More reliable .folder deletion in some situations.
  • Minor UI improvments.

Version 6.1.5 (22-Jan-2015)

  • .apdisk files can now be deleted from NTFS disks.
  • Authenticated deletion of .folders (re)enabled.

Version 6.1.3 (17-Nov-2014)

  • firmwaresyncd disks are now ignored.

Version 6.1.2 (4-Nov-2014)

  • Translation and UI bug fixes.

Version 6.1.1 (29-Oct-2014)

  • Fixed a bug in the French language translation which could cause the application to crash.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the menu bar icon to reappear when hidden.

Version 6.1.0 (Non App Store release) (27-Oct-2014)
Requires a BlueHarvest v6 serial number.

  • Requires OS X 10.8 or later.

  • Added scheduled cleaning feature. For disks & servers your sharing with non BlueHarvest users.
  • Added ability to keep ._ file for files with Finder tags.
  • No more "unknown file system" errors - capabilities of file systems are automatically detected.
  • Cleaning Avid file systems is now supported.
  • “.apdisk” files are now removed by default (for new installs).
  • Blacklist feature now works on all disk types.
  • Minimum blacklist file name length removed.
  • BlueHarvest now ignores invisible disks.
  • Now supports deleting desktop.ini files.
  • Added “Only Clean Manually" option.
  • UI improvements and optimizations.

To upgrade from v5: Open BlueHarvest v5, click "Turn Off". Close the BlueHarvest window. Drag BlueHarvest v6 from the disk image to your Applications folder.

Version 5.5.9 (14-Mar-2014)

  • Last release for 10.7 Lion.

  • Minor UI improvements.

Version 5.5.7 (24-Oct-2013)

  • Fixes a problem where the discrete graphics card in some MacBook Pros was unnecessarily activated under 10.9 Mavericks.

Version 5.5.6 (9-Sep-2013)

  • Detailed progress information is now shown when cleaning zip files.
  • Fix a bug where some volumes mounted in root weren't cleaned.

Version 5.5.5 (26-Aug-2013)

  • Fixed a problem where some disks weren't asked to be cleaned.

Version 5.5.4 (30-Jul-2013)

  • Added support for Livedrive Briefcase.
  • Performance optimizations to reduce disk activity.

Version 5.5.3 (17-Jun-2013)

  • Now runs under OS X 10.9 Mavericks and later.

Version 5.5.2 (30-May-2013)

  • Added Retina display menu bar icon.
  • Improved localizations.

Version 5.5.1 (23-May-2013)

  • Fixed a bug where a disk may not be cleaned if its name included certain character strings.
  • Fixed link to purchasing URL.

Version 5.5.0 (13-May-2013)

  • Requires OS X 10.7 Lion or OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

  • Now packaged as an app.
  • Added blacklist function for deleting arbitrary files.
  • Optional menu bar icon.
  • Sparkle is now used for in-place updates.
  • Localizations for Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Note when updating: You do NOT need to uninstall your earlier version of BlueHarvest when updating. The new version will remove the old one.

Version 5.2.0 (7-Aug-2012)

  • Last release for 10.6 Snow Leopard.

  • Added ability to keep ._ file for apps with Gatekeeper security data.
  • Added ability to keep ._ file for aliases.
  • Added support for fuse4x file systems.
  • More responsive “Stop” button when used on Network shares.
  • Removed iDisk support.

Version 5.1.0 (16-Apr-2012)

  • Added “Always keep color labels” option.
  • (When enabled, ._ files will be kept for documents with a color label.)
  • Added support for 10.8 Mountain Lion/Gatekeeper.

Version 5.0.4 (25-Nov-2011)

  • BlueHarvest no-longer displays a “Application was downloaded from the internet” warning every-time it is opened.

Version 5.0.3 (3-Nov-2011)

  • Added support for Paragon ExtFS.
  • Added support for OSXFUSE file systems.

Version 5.0.2 (19-Sep-2011)

  • Added German translation.

Version 5.0.1 (5-Sep-2011)

  • Fixed UI bug in preference panel.

Version 5.0.0 (1-Sep-2011)

  • Requires a 2007 or later Intel Mac (64-bit) running 10.7 Lion or 10.6 Snow Leopard.

  • Full support for 10.7 Lion.
  • Can now be configured to “Ask” how each disk mounted should be handled.
  • Improved progress window when manually cleaning.
  • Supports Parallels under Lion.
  • Unified UI. No more simple/advanced settings.

BlueHarvest v5 is a free upgrade for all registered v4 users. Simply re-enter your serial number if requested.

Version 4.0.7 (19-April-2011)

  • Last release for 10.5 Leopard and 32-bit Intel Macs.

  • Preliminary support for 10.7 Lion. Support will be finalised after the public release of Lion.
  • Fix for French translation.

Version 4.0.6 (10-Feb-2011)

  • Now automatically cleans disks as they are ejected.
  • Ignores Mercurial source control repositories (“.hg” directories).
  • Ignores iDisk volumes mounted over https.
  • Workarounds issue when saving documents with Microsoft Word.

Version 4.0.5 (18-Nov-2010)

  • Added support for cleaning ExFAT volumes.
  • Fixed a bug in zip archive cleaning.

Version 4.0.4 (8-Sep-2010)

  • Improved support for NTFS under 10.6 Snow Leopard.
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Updated German translations.

Version 4.0.3 (29-Jun-2010)

  • Added support for cleaning tar gzip archives.
  • .Folders can now be deleted from servers (non-AFP only).
  • Now displays the number of items deleted when manually cleaning.

Version 4.0.2 (20-May-2010)

  • Added support for volumes mounted via Thursby DAVE and Tuxera NTFS for Mac.

Version 4.0.1 (16-Feb-2010)

  • Re-added support for removing “Thumbs.db”.
  • “Folders to delete” group is now dimmed for servers.
  • Better support for adding/removing services & contextual menus on some Macs.

Version 4.0.0 (16-Dec-2009)

  • New streamlined interface for advanced settings.
  • Per-volume configurations.
  • Option-clean to clean and eject a volume.
  • Whitelist support for MacOS type codes & file extensions.

Version 3.0.5 (17-Nov-2009)

  • Fixed a bug when deleting files on AFP servers. Recommended update for all users.

Version 3.0.3 (9-Nov-2009)

  • BlueHarvest now only asks for authentication in response to manually cleaning (using the contextual menu).

Version 3.0.2 (23-Oct-2009)

  • Improved support for Paragon NTFS.
  • Improved support for Non OS X based AFP servers.

Version 3.0.1 (16-Sep-2009)

  • Updated Translations

Version 3.0.0 (27-Aug-2009) (Requires Intel / 10.5 or later.)

  • Support for MacOS X v10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Now runs as 64-bit on capable Intel Macs

Version 2.0.6 (29-May-2009)

  • Last release for PowerPC / Tiger 10.4

  • Fixed a bug in “Treat UNIX invisible files as resources” option
  • Now ignores Apple iDisk volumes
  • Clicking “Cancel” in Authentication dialog now works
  • Added Simplified Chineese
  • Minor UI cleanup

Version 2.0.5 (3-Mar-2009)

  • Contextual menu can now be used in PathFinder
  • Now ignores ExpanDrive volumes

Version 2.0.4 (18-Aug-2008)

  • Fixed a bug where cleaning Zip files could report an error when the cleaning had been successful.

Version 2.0.3 (1-Jul-2008)

  • Added “Allow disks to have custom icons” option.

Version 2.0.2 (21-Apr-2008)

  • Fixed a bug in whitelist processing.
  • Fixed a bug where “Automatically check for updates” couldn’t be disabled.
  • Added French, Japanese and Polish support.

Version 2.0.1 (15-Feb-2008)

  • Authentication dialog now appears much less frequently
  • Fixed a bug where the remove button in the extras panel wouldn’t enable
  • Basic AppleEvent/AppleScript support (see the FAQ).

Version 2.0 (26-Oct-2007)

  • Simple & Advanced setups
  • Finder contextual menu for fast and convenient cleaning
  • Support for MacFUSE file systems (including sshfs)
  • Zip archive cleaning
  • Whitelist support
  • Optimized for 10.5 Leopard

Version 1.1 (23-May-2006)

  • BlueHarvest is now a Universal Binary, fully supporting Intel and PowerPC based Macs.
  • Fix a bug where the preferences panel could hang when editing resource fork settings (thanks Jonathan).

Version 1.0.3 (3-May-2006)

  • Fixed a bug where BlueHarvest would unnecessarily and repeatedly ask you to authenticate.

Version 1.0.2 (29-Mar-2006)

  • Added support for NFS file servers.

Version 1.0.1 (23-Feb-2006)

  • Fixed a bug where resource fork files with asian characters in the name were not being deleted.

Version 1.0 (15-Feb-2006)

  • Now compatible with fast user switching.
  • Added support for removing .Trashes and .Spotlight-v100 folders.
  • Added support for removing resource fork (._) files used by any application, not just the Finder.
  • Changed launching of the background helper application to use a login item (like iTunesHelper) so authentication is no-longer needed when installing.

Version 0.8.2 (22-Dec-2005)

  • Updated Japanese translation (from Takeshi Fukui).
  • No other changes.

Version 0.8.1 (20-Dec-2005)

  • Fix memory leak in the “Cleaner” panel.
  • Log text is now cleared when you start cleaning in the “Cleaner” panel.
  • Now correctly handles HFSX/UFS volumes.
  • Added “Non HFS disks” option to DS_Store panel.
  • Added “Any” extension option to Resources.
  • Resources panel now supports comma (,) separated extension strings.
  • Resources panel now includes new default “sets” to ease setup.
  • (via console.log) now shows “BlueHarvest: Deleted XXXX” messages when it deletes a resource fork or DS_Store.
  • Added icon from Tom Murphy (turphdesign). Thanks Tom.
  • Changed license to Shareware.

Version 0.7.3 (1-Dec-2005)

  • Fixed logging in the “Cleaner” function.

Version 0.7.2 (1-Dec-2005)

  • Fixed a bug which caused the “Cleaner” to fail to delete some DS_Store and resource fork files.

Version 0.7.1 (21-Nov-2005)

  • Added Japanese language translation by Takeshi Fukui. Thanks Takeshi.

Version 0.7 (18-Nov-2005)

  • First public release.

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