Frequently Asked Questions

What's great about the media server?

It uses very little memory and very little CPU when streaming. It provides an Index, Recent Items and automatically sorts files into episode groups.

What devices/software has the media server been tested with?

Fetch TV, VLC and a few media players for iOS. If there is a product which you'd like to see supported let me know!

Does the media server support transcoding?

No. If a file doesn't show on the device it is probably because the device doesn't support the format of the file.

Can I search for files in other users private home folders?

No. If you don't have permission to open a folder, you cannot search inside it.

How do I add a list of open Finder windows to the search location menu? (App Store version only)

1) From the Scripting (🛠) menu in ProFind, choose "Open Scripts Folder" and "Show Sample Scripts."
2) Copy the script "Add Open Folders in Finder to ProFind.scpt" into the Scripts folder ("com.zeroonetwenty.ProFind").

How do I offer feedback or report a bug?

Thanks! I really want feedback and bug reports. Use the contact form.

ProFind's natural language queries don't support a language I use. What can I do?

Use the contact form and ask for support for your language to be added.

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